Not Fade Away…

In 1964 the Rolling Stones, at the time “England’s newest hitmakers”, released “Not Fade Away”, a rework of a Buddy Holly song. If you know the song, perhaps hum it whilst reading on. We’re referencing it in relation to how colour-fast our Trend colours are over time. It’s weak, we know, but we’re carrying on regardless.

If you’ve had complaints about rapid fading of door colours from other manufacturers, we thought we’d share the UV stability data on our Trend colours.

Our Trend doors are made from colour coated steel that has been tested to EN 10169. The test uses accelerated UV exposure to measure the colour fade and gloss retention over time.

There are 4 ratings under EN 10169 - Ruv1 to Ruv4, with 4 being the highest rating for UV stability.

Our coated steels are rated at Ruv3!

This means, that over the accelerated testing, colour change or fade did not exceed 3% and gloss retention was above 60%. Ruv3 is the same rating you’ll find on many steel roofing systems, so we’re in good company.

So, if your love of UV stable colours is as big as a Cadillac, choose Teckentrup Trend colours!

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