Thresholds - Teckentrup CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors

Thresholds... what are my options?

Our CarTeck side hinged garage doors come with a 3-part lipped aluminium threshold as standard but you can also choose to have the optional aluminium strip threshold...

Here's how they are different:

Standard 3-part lipped aluminium threshold

The standard threshold is a quick-interlocking 3-part stepped construction that provides easy ramped access to your garage. It includes a thermal break, helping reduce heat transfer and a lip seal to help provide a barrier to dust and debris and assist weather protection.

The centre section is pre-fitted to the door frame, all you need to do is clip in the front and back sections on site. Watch how it's done here!

Optional aluminium strip threshold

The aluminium profile on a side hinged garage doors provides a simple low-profile threshold. The bottom of each door leaf has a simple finned seal that sits on the strip threshold when closed.

The door is shipped with a transit strip to hold the frame legs together and the aluminium threshold is supplied loose for on site fitting.

This option is list price less £50.

Note: If you’ve ordered a door with an aluminium strip threshold in place of the standard, remove the transit strip prior to installation. To do this, undo the transit angle screws shown left and remove the transit angle.

What performance can I expect from the door and threshold - light, drafts & water ingress?

Thresholds only function effectively when fitted to a level floor that is in good condition. A new threshold won’t fix a poor floor! It’s important to note that our side hinged garage doors are not hermetically sealed. Garage doors are not front doors but do perform very well for doors designed to provide vehicular access to a garage space.

Your garage will not be pitch black...

When the door is closed, light ingress is to be expected – when it’s daylight outside and your lights are off, your garage will not be pitch black. The door seals are reasonably effective at stopping light passage but will not eliminate it. This will be more pronounced generally where seals meet, on seals that are between moving sections and particularly in corners.

Where light can get in, so can a draft. With a well installed door that has seals in good condition, drafts will be minimal, but the door is not sealed completely.

Water ingress should be minimal...

Under normal weather conditions water ingress should also be minimal, but you may experience some ingress, as with light and drafts, where seals meet and in corners. Under extreme conditions, driving rain and high winds, ingress can be expected to increase. Never jet wash a door, not only may it damage the finish, but it can force open seals, causing water ingress.

The threshold is also a point where water ingress may occur. Gaps between the bottom seal and the threshold arising from an uneven threshold or a poorly fitted threshold will allow water ingress. If rain runoff can collect and pool at the bottom of a door instead of draining away from the door into a drainage channel, water ingress may occur. Fitting the door onto a stepped rebate behind a drainage channel is often effective in greatly reducing the likelihood of water ingress.


Download the latest side hinged brochure, fitting instructions and the thresholds bulletin below!

Fitting Videos...

Watch Dan take you through installing a Teckentrup Side Hinged Garage Door, step by step, start to finish!

Watch the videos here!

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