Thermally insulated door
dw 62-1 „Teckentrup DF“ iso+

dw 62-1 "Teckentrup DF" iso+
Thermal insulation value verified as per EN ISO 12567-1:
UD= 0.83 W/(m²·K)* or UD= 1.0 W/(m²·K)**

From 625 x 1750 bis 1250 x 2350 mm

Installation in
● Masonry
● Concrete
● Autoclaved aerated concrete walls
● Lightweight partition walls

Door leaf
● Hinge and opposite hinge side thermally insulated,
● Double-skinned, rebated on 3 sides, thick rebate,
● Door leaf thickness: 62 mm, sheet thickness: *0.75 or **1.0 mm
● A minimum of 1 security bolt, with retractable floor seal
   and galvanised 3D hinges


● Door leaf/frame galvanised and powder-coated
   primed, similar to RAL 9002 (grey white)

● Frame with thermal insulation, corner frame thickness 1.5 mm
● With seal on three sides and bottom floor bracket
● Frame attached using screws, 3 screws per side
● Special equipment: with counter frame