Optically attractive for expressive designs

Teckentrup offers a wide range of doors made of high-quality, almost indestructible stainless steel, thus creating brilliant designs for attractive, unmistakable solutions. The use of stainless steel doors is essential in areas where hygiene and cleanliness are top priority. Cutting-edge production facilities, high-quality materials and excellent workmanship guarantee a long service life, excellent maintenance of value and simple maintenance tasks.
Teckentrup stainless steel doors are used in areas where strict hygiene regulations apply and special protection against aggressive agents is required. The various surface designs, attractive handle sets and robust stainless steel hinges allow modern, aesthetically pleasing interior decoration. Therefore, the exclusive material is increasingly popular as a stylistic element, even in architecturally high-quality objects.

Stainless steel doors guarantee the greatest protection against dampness, heat, cold, chemical agents and demanding conditions. Teckentrup doors are used in numerous areas, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, food technology, medical centres, laboratories, washrooms, the chemical industry, paint shops, saunas, swimming pools, schools, underground train stations, etc.

Stylish and matching fittings, such as lever/knob sets, hinges and top door closers, provide additional expressive designs and fulfil all functional and ergonomic requirements. If the conditions demand additional light sources, square and round glazing with matching glass-holding strips are available.
Stainless steel reveals fascinating combinations of shapes and light. Impressive surface structures provide each and every room with a wonderful atmosphere. The shiny and matt surfaces create interesting effects. Choose between doors with a marble finish or smooth finish (240 grain size), (fabric structure on request).

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