CarTeck garage sectional doors

CarTeck Garagentor von Teckentrup, Typ Sectionaltor GSW 40-L, Ausführung Mittelsicke, verkehrsweiß

 40 mm thick, double-skinned steel sections
Extremely robust and highly insulating
 Wide variety of surfaces (All surfaces have been given a finish coat)
 Almost all RAL and NCS colours are optionally available
 Many trend colours are offered at favourable prices
 Wide range of extremely scratch-resistant glazing elements
Also with matching side doors or integrated wicket doors

Teckentrup garage sectional doors made of steel set new standards in many respects. From the diverse range of doors and surface designs through excellent and patented safety solutions, such as the patented finger pinch protection, to innovative fittings and intelligent drive systems.


Comfortable operation

The electric drive with remote control allows you to open and close the garage door from the comfort of your car. A big plus when it is raining, cold or dark.

TÜV-geprüfter Einbruchschutz bei CarTeck Garagentoren!

Burglary Protection

Burglars will always try to enter a house via the easiest route. Old doors make it very easy for thieves to break into a garage. However, the motor-driven CarTeck steel sectional doors are TÜV tested and stop burglars in their tracks.


Rundum sicher mit CarTeck Garagentoren!

Maximum safety

Integrated and proven safety technology prevents injuries: Every single Teckentrup garage door offers high safety, e.g. due to patented finger pinch protection, lateral guards or multiple spring system. 

Clever renovieren mit CarTeck Garagentoren!

Old versus new

Replace your old garage door with a new CarTeck sectional door quickly and cost-effectively. Our favourable renovation sizes are tailor-made for old garages. Authorized distributors can replace your door quickly and expertly in just one day and also dispose of your old door properly.