Explore the features that help make CarTeck Automatic sectional garage doors the best in their class:

Safety Above All A
Safety above all

Safe operation of CarTeck Automatic is the overriding priority of every design decision we make. Precise manufacturing tolerances ensure quality is high and long-term reliability and durability is inherent, which in turn maintains safety.

Concealed Springs B
Concealed Springs

Springs are concealed high up in the top tray - safely away from fingers.  The trays also keep the springs in pristine condition, ensuring long-term smooth and quiet operation.

External Release C
External Release

In the event of power failure, the motor can be disengaged using the discreet external release. This should be fitted if no alternative access to the garage is available to allow manual operation of the door until power returns.

Safety Sensing D
Safety Sensing

The motor control units’ safety circuits monitor force levels many times every second. If the door encounters an obstruction, it is instantly sensed and the motor stops and reverses a short distance.

Finger Safe And Hand Protection E
Finger Safe & Hand Protection

The patented finger pinch protection at panel joints protects you from injury. Protection at the side of the door prevents a hand from being accidentally caught between the frame and guide rail.

Quiet Door Operation F
Quiet Door Operation

Innovative designs worked out in great detail, such as rollers made from special plastic, ensure quiet opening and closing. Rattling door movements are a thing of the past.