Keeps the elements at bay!

Warm, dry & fewer draughts

Garages can be dust blown, cold, draughty and damp places. CarTeck Automatic is designed to bring your garage back into your home.

Insulation ‘U Value”

What’s in a number? Our 40mm thick panels have an insulating value that has been independently tested to 0.56 W/m²K. The lower the value the better the insulating properties.

It’s not a figure we tend to quote because we know a door is more than just a panel. We quote the insulation value for a complete door (8’0” wide x 7’0” high) including the panel joints and weather strips. CarTeck Automatic has an insulation ‘U value’ of 1.38 W/m²K - you won’t find better performance on any comparable garage door.

What level of light, drafts & water ingress can I expect from my sectional garage door?
See the ‘Light, drafts & water ingress’ section of our Honesty Page!

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What performance can I expect?

As part of the CE marking process, each product must have its performance provided for a defined set of characteristics to allow fair comparison between products from different manufacturers.

Other characteristics can also be included, if relevant to a door’s performance. The following table shows the performance characteristics of CarTeck sectional garage doors.

Can I expect the same level of performance from my sectional garage door compared to my front door?
See the ‘What can I expect from my door’ section of our Honesty Page!