Prison cell door "Teckentrup"

Tested in accordance with the PTE Rosenheim GmbH regulations in collaboration with the VfS Verband für Sicherheitstechnik e.V. (association for security engineering) and its members, the responsible ministries of justice, and State Departments of Construction and Civil Engineering, Construction, Building and Infrastructure Service Authorities, prisons as well as manufacturers.

Width 750 - 1500 mm
Height 1750 - 2500 mm

Door leaf

  • Double-skinned
  • Rebated from 3 sides without a bottom buffer, or rebated on 4 sides with a bottom buffer
  • Rebate width minimum 20 mm (inner floor level minimum 15 mm above the outer floor level)
  • Door leaf thickness: 64 mm
  • Sheet thickness: 1.5 mm / 2 mm (cell side) thick, aligned steel sheets
  • Security bolt: 2 solid, galvanised bolts on the hinge side


  • Corner frame made of galvanised sheet steel, 2.0 mm thick, with impact absorbing buffer in the frame, prepared for 3 sided rotation, EPDM frame seal
  • Without floor recess with transport beam
  • 3 robust double wall anchors on each side


Galvanized and prime coated door leaf and frame similar to RAL 9002 (grey-white)

Application areas

  • Courthouses
  • Police stations
  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Barracks
  • Forensic clinics

Maximum Security
Penetration-resistant toughened glass window (B) with a cover plate and magnetic locking, food hatch, lock with a stainless steel door-friendly cover, which combines all the important locking elements. Additional security via sliding bolts as quick-locking devices.

Also with revolving leaf drive: Automatic opening from the inside via a pushbutton and from the outside via a key-operated switch.

Teckentrup Haftraumtuer 01