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Teckentrup 62 Launch Thumb

The launch of the Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure Garage Door!

21 Nov 2019

Teckentrup introduced the innovative CarTeck side hinged garage door several years ago and, new for 2020, we're delighted to announce the arrival of the Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure garage door.

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Teckentrup 62 Banner

A Teckentrup 62 (general purpose door, not security rated) VS a NON-TECKENTRUP door claiming to be a security door

05 Nov 2019

Any door without an independent test certificate for security is not a security door, it's just a door... ...But some doors perform better than others! Watch the video here...

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Teckentrup Attack Test Open Day Thumb

The Teckentrup Security and Fire event in association with BRE

29 Oct 2019

A busy day at the Teckentrup Fire and Security event supported by BRE. Hospitality in our marquee, seminars in our brand new showroom and live attack tests carried out by BRE…

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Teckentrup Show Room Steel Door Thumb

Teckentrup's Online Showroom - The Teckentrup 62 C5 (SR3) LPS 1175 ISSUE 8 Steel Door

17 Oct 2019

Take a look at the first door in our online show room! The Teckentrup 62 C5 (SR3) LPS 1175 ISSUE 8 Steel Door.

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Teckentrup 62 Modular Steel Doorset Thumb

Teckentrup 62 - the modular steel doorset

16 Aug 2019

What if there was a steel doorset, modular in design, that could be configured to multiple performance characteristics and each variant was fully certified. There is… …the Teckentrup 62.

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Teckentrup Bullet Proof Thumb

Bullet Proof Steel Doors

27 Mar 2019

At Teckentrup we only make a claim about the performance of a product if we have independent certification. Our Bullet proof doors are fully tested and certified to DIN EN 1522, Class FB 4.

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Steel Doorset Thumb

Stainless Steel Doors & Doorsets

03 Jan 2019

Stainless steel provides remarkably versatile solutions - popular in architectural settings for its contemporary, pure aesthetic yet hardworking in industry for its durability.

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Wrap Around Frame Thumb

Teckentrup steel doorset frames – more door, less frame and aesthetic integration

07 Dec 2018

Teckentrup offers three alternative and innovative frame design solutions to the traditional block frame.

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The Teckentrup 62 Steel Doorset Achieves SR3 Certification

10 Aug 2018

On the surface, the announcement may be considered unremarkable – a door passed a test. Look a little deeper, though, and it’s a rather remarkable moment for both Teckentrup and the door industry as a whole.

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Vocational College Recklinghausen

Vocational College Recklinghausen

07 Jun 2018

Fire protection with a modern and aesthetically pleasing design is not a contradiction in terms. A perfect example is the foyer of the Max-Born-Kolleg in Recklinghausen/Germany.

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Rhein Neckar Arena Sinsheim New Football Stadium Of Tsg 1899 Hoffenheim

Rhein-Neckar-Arena Sinsheim: New Football Stadium of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

07 Jun 2018

242 fire protection and multi-purpose doors, 21 roller shutters and 10 sectional doors provide perfect service and guarantee that everything goes to plan at the home of German Bundesliga outfit TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

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650 Doors Installed In Just 18 Months

650 doors installed in just 18 months

07 Jun 2018

From folding door to transformer door: Doors from just one source

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