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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip Hinges Thumb

Toolbox Tip - Noisy Door Prevention - Hinge Position

15 Dec 2022

“I’ve got creaking popping hinges.” Align hinges like this and the problem doesn’t occur – here’s how to get it right.

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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip Header Position

Toolbox Tip - Header Fitting Position Options

01 Dec 2022

“What are my options for the fitting position of the header?” There are multiple fixing points in the frame leg to attach the header – here’s how to choose the one you need.

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Teckentrup 3 4 Week Lead Time Side Hinged Thumb

3/4 week lead time for CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors built from stock!

28 Oct 2022

We are now grouping side hinged lead times much like we do for sectional – quicker for panels we hold in stock and additional time for trend colours and other options.

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Teckentrup Trend Thumb

The new Trend+ colour range!

27 Oct 2022

Three in-demand colours - Our Trend+ colour range uses our new powder coat / wet-paint plant facility to allow us to bring you new colours in smaller volumes.

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Teckentrup New Packaging Side Hinged Thumb

New Side Hinged Packaging – Dramatically Reduced Plastic Content & Increased Protection!

20 Oct 2022

At Teckentrup, we know that having your door arrive in pristine condition is a priority and our new CarTeck side hinged garage door packaging does just that. We’ve also considered the impact our packing has on the environment.

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Teckentrup The New All In One Car Teck Garage Door Brochure Thumb

The New All-In-One CarTeck Garage Door Brochure!

12 Oct 2022

The new all-in-one brochure for CarTeck garage doors is a one stop shop for the entire range of Teckentrup garage doors.

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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip 2 Springs Illustration

Toolbox Tip - Noisy Spring Prevention - Spring Sliders

13 Sep 2022

“I’ve got noisy, scraping springs.” Fit the spring sliders in the wrong place and a noisy door is the result – here’s how to get it right.

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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip Spring Stack Thumb

Toolbox Tip - Noisy Spring Prevention - Double Spring Stacking

12 Sep 2022

“How do I stack double extension springs?” Stack the spring incorrectly and a noisy door is the result – here’s how to get it right.

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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip 1 Springs Illustration Crop

Toolbox Tip - Noisy Spring Prevention - Double Spring Covers

09 Sep 2022

“The springs on this large double extension spring door are noisy and it got worse when I put the box lid locks on.” Here’s how to avoid noisy springs on doors.

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Teckentrup CHAS Certification Thumb

CHAS Health & Safety Standard Accreditation and Advanced Accreditation Maintained!

08 Sep 2022

Teckentrup has maintained its CHAS accreditation for health & safety and has also maintained CHAS Advanced, a more in-depth accreditation.

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Teckentrup New Golden oak frame header slip over covers thumb

Golden oak frame & header slip-over covers now available - just add the 3D cover price!

01 Sep 2022

To provide a simple solution, we've introduced Golden Oak slip-over profile kits for frame legs and headers.

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Teckentrup New Shoot Bolts for Car Teck Side Hinged thumb

New Shoot Bolts for CarTeck Side Hinged!

25 Aug 2022

Doors are now shipping with a new shoot bolt design – it’s a great improvement and here’s why...

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