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Teckentrup Car Teck Insulated Side Hinged Garage Door 3 Part Threshold Thumb

Toolbox Tip - Side Hinged 3-Part Threshold Packing

23 Apr 2024

“How can I mitigate against pooling and ingress when fitting a CarTeck side hinged garage door 3-part threshold on a level surface?” We have an easy solution when fitting...

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Teckentrup Garage Doors Made In Warington Thumb

Proudly made in Warrington!

23 Jan 2024

See how 'made in Warrington' can help your business!

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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip Trimming Thumb

Toolbox Tip - Trimming Up CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors

07 Dec 2023

Trim is an effective way of blending a garage door with surrounding finishes. If you are using trim, make sure you keep to this rule...

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Teckentrup TV Side Hinged Garage Door Install Videos Full

Teckentrup Side Hinged Garage Door Fitting Video (Full)

30 Oct 2023

Watch the full length cut of an installation of a Teckentrup CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Door step by step, start to finish.

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Teckentrup Installers Mate Thumb

The Installers Mate - Making a one-man CarTeck sectional garage door install possible, even on big doors!

10 Oct 2023

The CarTeck DRIVE "Lifter" is a simple solution for commissioning a sectional garage door without needing a second pair of hands. That's why we call it "The Installers Mate"!

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Teckentrup CHAS Certification Thumb

CHAS Health & Safety Standard Accreditation and Advanced Accreditation Maintained!

26 Sep 2023

Teckentrup has maintained its CHAS accreditation for health & safety and has also maintained CHAS Advanced, a more in-depth accreditation.

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Teckentrup Thesholds Thumb

Thresholds - Teckentrup CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors

14 Sep 2023

Our CarTeck side hinged garage doors come with a 3-part lipped aluminium threshold as standard but you can also choose to have the optional aluminium strip threshold... Here's how they are different:

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Teckentrup Concealed Hinges Side Hinged Thumb

Concealed Hinges Update - CarTeck Side Hinged Garage Doors!

25 Jul 2023

From the 1st of August 2023, all new orders Teckentrup CarTeck side hinged garage doors will have CONCEALED HINGES.

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Teckentrup Toolbox Tip Hangers Thumb

Toolbox Tip - How Many Track Hangers?

31 May 2023

“How many track hangers do I need?” Probably less than you think – here’s the guide.

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Teckentrup Honesty Page Thumb

The Teckentrup Honesty Page!

22 Feb 2023

The expected performance and warranty of a garage door is always an important topic of conversation with customers. That's why we've created an Honesty Page - we want you to choose our products with a clear understanding of what you can expect.

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Teckentrup UK Sizes Thumb

Carteck Sectional garage doors are made for UK openings!

08 Feb 2023

Best fit every time and the best price as a result!

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Teckentrup Pack Booklet Thumb

The New CarTeck DRIVE Accessory Pack Booklet!

18 Jan 2023

Add value to your sales by using the new CarTeck Drive accessory pack booklet to upsell garage door automation packages to your customers.

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